Scarier Than Hell

Come explore the haunted woods and find out what nightmares are made of. Thrills, chills, and abominations lurk around every corner.

Weekends Only


Hours of Operation

All Haunting Begins at Dusk

Opening Weekend: Sept. 29-30

8PM to midnight

October 6 & 7

8PM - Midnight

October 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28, 29

7:45PM to midnight

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10055 Dexter-Pinckney Rd
Pinckney, MI 48169

Feeling a little lost in the dark woods? Don't worry - you are on the right path. Your nightmare awaits at the end of the long road, so don't turn back now.

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Ghostly Grove! Prepare To Be Scared

About Our Grove

Traverse a Terrifying Mile On Our Professionally Designed
Outdoor Haunt Trail

With terror lurking around every corner, our thrilling wooded haunt brings nightmares to life.

These Monsters are Restless

Our haunted woods feature some of the underworld's most disgusting abominations, preying on you as you descend into the wilderness. You can't see them, but they never stop watching you.


What should I wear?

During peak hours, expect a wait. Depending on the weather, this could be uncomfortable. Dress as you intend to spend a couple hours outside. As you will also be navigating a trail through the woods, suitable footwear is also recommended.

Do the Monsters Touch Me?

We are a NO touch haunt! No smoking, eating, drinking, running, or touching of the props, mechanisms, scenes, or the actors! No video or flash photography is permitted inside the Ghostly Grove.


Ghostly Grove offers concessions to keep your monstrous taste buds appeased.

Appropriate Ages?

Ghostly Grove is an intense, haunted attraction and is NOT recommended for children under the age of 12. Ghostly Grove does not offer refunds, so make sure your child is mature enough to handle the attraction.

Our Rules

We prohibit the entrance of any patron to the Ghostly Grove if under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and any such patron brought to the attention of GG will be immediately escorted from the Ghostly Grove. GG reserves the right to refuse admission or escort out any patron for violation of these rules.


No video or flash photography is permitted inside the Ghostly Grove.

Prepare to be Scared

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