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Welcome to the Ghostly Grove!
2022 is our fourth year running the Ghostly Grove at Schell Family Farm. Our intention is to create not only a locally spectacular haunting experience, but one that is known throughout the Midwest! We've hired professional set designers and an extraordinary cast to help us make this a truly unique destination. We thank you for your support. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments!

The Story of Ghostly Grove

Deep in the woods of Ghostly Grove is a plain grave marked by a simple cross. This burial plot is the final resting place of Abigail Appleseed - a tortured woman destined from birth for an unfortunate existence. Those who knew her wanted nothing more than to completely erase even the memory of her. Everyone knows the story of Johnny Appleseed and how he was famous for planting apples trees across the Eastern United States. However, few know the story of Johnny's sister, Abigail. Johnny & Abigail were twins, and back in the late 1700's it was not uncommon for difficult births to end in tragedy. Such was the case when Johnny & Abigail were born. Johnny was delivered with little problem and great joy, as he was the firstborn son of his father. Abigail's birth, minutes later, was not an easy one and their mother took her last breath just as her daughter entered this world. Their father made no secret about the fact that he believed Abigail had caused his beloved wife's death and, as such, Johnny was the favored child, while Abigail was treated like less than a servant. Abigail's chores would often take her not only all day but late into the night to complete. When Abigail failed to finish all her tasks, she would be starved until she admitted to being lazy. Abigail, though beat down physically, was strong in spirit. The worse she was treated, the angrier and more rebellious she became on the inside. Abigail took to secretly finding out all she could about the dark forces of the unseen world. As her resentment grew, she gradually gave herself completely over to evil. She learned powerful incantations, curses, and perfected the ability to cast spells. Rumor has it that although Abigail's death was ruled an "accident," her secret was discovered and she was killed for being a witch. With her last breath she spoke a curse that wherever her body was laid, her spirit would haunt the land and those who trespass on it forever!

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