Best Haunted Trail

"FANTASTIC! By far the best haunted trail I have been on and the most fun. The effects were both creative and realistic and I screamed so hard at one point that all 10 of my toes popped at the same time. Good length as well - not too long, not too short. Plus the donuts you can buy before you go in are absolutely amazing. Definitely recommend for adults!"


Keeps You On Your Toes

"One of the best haunted walk throughs ever! Every scare actor is well catered to their audience and they are all high quality! Keeps you on your toes at all times, even got my girlfriend who loves horror movies to scream her head off! Highly recommend."



"I have been to just about every haunted house and corn maze in Michigan over the years. This is definitely one of my favorites. They did a really great job with the costumes and props. I was scared mutiple times LOL. A+, and I love that it's in the woods."

Lots of Scares

"Loved this! Great outdoor haunt. Lots of scares and the trail was lit up perfectly. Also the fresh doughnuts and cider were amazing!"


Prepare to be Scared

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